„It`s always possible to improve!“



Optimum performance is only possible when the body and mind are perfectly balanced - but we only notice imbalances when we are ill or in pain


It is then already too late. 
So how can we solve this problem? 
With energy treatment!

What is Energy Treatment? 

Everything is made of energy. Even what appears to be solid - e.g. a table - is actually made up of tiny particles that are floating around. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla believed that “energy medicine” was the future. Since everything is made of energy, we can work together even at a distance. We find and release these kinds of imbalances before you are ill or in pain.

How can your performance be increased? 

Imbalances in fascial tissue and other organs can be identified and resolved. Muscle contraction and function can thus be improved. Respiratory diseases and allergies can be alleviated and breathing capacity increased. The body's ability to regenerate can be stimulated. In the mental area, blockages and deep-seated fears can be recognized and worked on. 

In the case of injuries, the healing phase can be shortened. Symptoms for which no relief has been found sometimes respond very quickly to treatment with the Body Code. 

This method has great potential, and it’s already being used 

Mind and body are connected, separation is impossible. However, we can use this method to work on individual aspects in a targeted manner of which is important to you. 

Some professional athletes are already making use of these methods systematically, especially in North America. This mostly happens "under the radar". So go ahead, get started before everyone else does.

"After one session, my hay fever was gone and I was able to train without any problems."

Dario W., 31, runner 


Trial session: free
30 minutes: 78 CHF
50 minutes: 112.- CHF

Subscriptions (50 minutes/ week)
50 times: 20% discount
25 times: 10% discount
 13 times:  5% discount 

Have you already reached your full potential?

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